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Forward Planning


September is always an unsettled time of the school year. New teachers, new classrooms, new uniform, new shoes, new routines to learn…… The list seems endless, no wonder it so often causes meltdowns.

A little forward planning can work wonders:

Try on new uniform and take a photo of your child. Put the photo up in the house. Wash the uniform so it feels a little softer.

Ask the school for photographs of the new classroom, teacher, LSA’s etc. (best done in July)

Try to time buying new shoes so that you don’t need to buy new for September – if you can’t avoid this then buy a few weeks before term starts and try to wear them around the house so your child gets used to them.

Make a new visual timetable for each day of the week – ask the school for a copy of their timetable so you can put key things like PE on there.


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