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About Us

As a teacher and parent of a child with special educational needs, Help with Autism founder Jo Bridson understands the difficulties faced by both parents and professionals and the importance of all parties working together to support the child.

Jo has over 23 years’ experience of teaching children in a variety of settings. More recently Jo has been running a well-regarded unit for children with autism in Buckinghamshire. In 2013 Ofsted stated that the unit was “Exemplary with Outstanding teaching”.

When she took over the unit she conducted hours of extensive research into enabling autistic children to access the curriculum, and using her findings she was able to create her own practices to maximise each individual child’s potential.

The success of the unit was based on Jo’s belief that the school has to work very closely with the parents and other outside agencies (such as Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy). With good communication between all parties, using personalised interventions and strategies, Jo was able to provide a stable environment at school for each child. With set routines and regular use of specific sensory strategies, anxiety was greatly reduced. This allowed the children to access the curriculum more fully.

“Every child that has ASD is different and what works for one, may not necessarily work for another. At Help with Autism my goal is to work with both the parents and the school to find what works with that child. Once we have implemented our programme the quality of life for the child, the family and the ease of teaching that child will improve – in some cases the improvements have been dramatic”
Jo Bridson, 2014

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